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"Gen is an extremely musical drummer. He knows a million musical styles and swings in all of them. He is very flexible, a virtuosic soloist and an excellent reader. He is also an accomplished composer, arranger and bandleader. Gen is an extraordinary musician. I'm very lucky to have him in my band." - Fernando Huergo

"Gen Yoshimura has arrived on the scene with a humble and profound musical roar!! I've had the great pleasure and privilege of performing and recording with Gen and I know that when the downbeat comes... he's there. There are few drummers on the scene who play with the grace, strength, sophistication, versatility, creativity and deep groove that Gen Yoshimura brings to every phrase he plays. Gen is not a drummer who plays music... he is a musical artist with the drumset as his palette." - Daniel Ian Smith

"Gen Yoshimura is the rare virtuoso drummer who always serves the music first. I'm quite impressed at how quickly, deeply, and authentically he absorbs various musical traditions, especially from Latin America, and allows them to inform his playing in a musical and organic way. A true professional and great team player!" - Jason Yeager

"When I met Gen in one of my classes, the first thing that stroke me was how far away he was coming from and at the same time, how near to Latin America he really is when he plays the drums. He is a keeper drummer..." - Leo Blanco

"Gen is an exceptional drummer and wonderful person. He is very professional, hardworking, respectful and truly talented. He is definitely one of the most versatile drummers I have met and he is such a joy to work with." - Eirini Tornesaki

"Gen is a very professional and talented drummer, extremely musical. It's always fun to make music with him." - Nando Michelin

"Gen is a versatile, creative and expressive musican. When I walk into a rehearsal, recording session or on the band stand and see Gen setting up - I know that we are going to be making some great music together!" - Jason Camelio. 

"Gen is a fantastic and versatile drummer. He's got a really nice touch, time and sound. His drum solos are also outstanding and it is a real pleasure to play with him. He makes everyone's playing easier!" - Santiago Bosch

"Gen was a great student, and I also enjoyed playing with him in performance. He has a smooth pocket and a good understanding of the Afro-Cuban and Brazilian groove vocabulary." - Lincoln Goines 

"A sensitive and versatile drummer and remarkable ensemble player musician!" - Fernando Brandao
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